Huntington Lawyers Protecting Whistleblowers

Most people understand that speaking up is the right reaction when you notice something illegal at work. When it makes a company look bad, however, executives or others may take measures to hide information or even take action against the whistleblower.

West Virginia employees are protected by federal laws that prohibit employers from retaliating or discriminating against whistleblowers. At McQueen Davis PLLC, we assist individuals in Huntington and the surrounding areas in asserting their rights as employees. Our attorneys strive to find the right solution to your employment issue.

Our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience. With experience as both defense attorney and plaintiff’s lawyer, we have the ability to see any legal issue from all angles.

We Are On Your Side

Reporting illegal or unethical behavior in your workplace is not an easy decision. Those who do are often subjected to adverse action from an employer — all for doing the right thing. Retaliation against whistleblowers, however, is illegal, and our lawyers can help you exercise your rights if you have been:

  • Demoted
  • Fired
  • Wrongfully disciplined
  • Threatened
  • Denied benefits
  • Refused overtime
  • Wrongfully denied promotion

We will work with you to create a detailed account of how you have been treated since reporting the incident. We know how to thoroughly investigate whistleblower retaliation to get the evidence necessary to move forward with your claim.

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