Personal injury claims for trucking accidents need special help

Personal injury claims for trucking accidents need special help

Large tractor-trailers are a necessary part of our consumer society. Whether transporting refrigerated food products or reusable merchandise, it is hard to imagine what West Virginia roads might look like without these vehicles. Important as they may be, tractor-trailers also pose serious danger and are sometimes the cause of personal injury in devastating accidents.

Although trucking accidents are often caused by distracted drivers, there are many other contributing factors. Many truck drivers stay behind the wheel for more consecutive hours than is allowed, some of whom rely on the influence of alcohol or drugs to continue. Even alert and responsible drivers can pose a threat behind the wheel if tractor-trailers are not properly maintained, causing malfunctions that lead to accidents.

Truck accidents happen in the blink of an eye, and it can be difficult to recall exactly what happened leading up to the event. Some victims are even unsure of who was really at fault and unfortunately begin to blame themselves. The insurance companies associated with major trucking companies are aware of this, and will use their significant resources and power to bully victims into accepting settlements that are far from satisfactory.

When truck drivers behave negligently or trucking companies fail to follow federal operation and maintenance standards, they put people in West Virginia at risk. Because of their significant size, injuries caused by trucking accidents tend to be more serious than those caused by smaller motor vehicles. Experience is crucial to pursuing personal injury claims against big trucking companies and their insurance companies. We are proud of our combined decades of experience, during which we have provided necessary support and guidance to victims of tractor-trailer accidents.

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