Fire And Explosion Litigation

Fire And Explosion Litigation Lawyers

The aftermath of a fire or explosion is an overwhelming situation that leaves many people unsure of their options. When a home or building is damaged or destroyed, or someone is seriously injured because of it, it is important to seek help immediately. Insurance companies are rarely on your side in this difficult situation, but we are.

The lawyers of McQueen Davis PLLC in Huntington, West Virginia, have decades of experience handling complex insurance issues and strong relationships with experts to help you seek the compensation you need to fully recover.

Working With Experts To Conduct Thorough Investigations

Fires and explosions are complicated situations that require thorough investigation by numerous experts. Insurance companies, however, have their own best interests at heart, not yours. Even if an insurance company discovers information that could help your claim, it may not be inclined to share it.

For this reason, we conduct our own investigations. We have strong relationships with fire experts, building safety experts and others to ensure that we get the answers we need to protect your rights.

Jim McQueen worked as an insurance defense attorney for many years. He uses his inside knowledge of the insurance industry to help each plaintiff and policyholder he works with today. With decades of trial experience, he won’t hesitate to do what is right for you.

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