Defense Of Professionals

Protecting your license and your career

As a professional, you strive to maintain a level of performance that satisfies your clients, your employers and your licensing board. Yet, when poor outcomes occur, a disappointed client or patient may call into question your competence or level of attention and concern. You may find your professional reputation threatened and your license at risk. At McQueen Davis, PLLC, we represent professionals who are licensed by the state of West Virginia and experience a claim that could result in adverse publicity or damage to your reputation, including a loss of license or professional discipline. Our clients include:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Psychologists
  • Engineers
  • Insurance agents and adjusters
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Surgeons

Complete legal representation in civil lawsuits and administrative hearings

Our firm represents various professionals and professional corporations in business or contract lawsuits against other health care providers, partners, or competitors. We represent physicians licensed in other states who apply for a license in West Virginia and also physicians who have issues with credentialing and peer review at hospitals. We represent members of professional groups who have business disputes with the group or its members. As experienced insurance lawyers, we are well-positioned to assist professionals in disputes with their professional liability insurance carriers.

Our legal team at McQueen Davis, PLLC is prepared to help you in licensure hearings before any state issuing body, including:

Protecting your career is our priority

As fellow professionals, our attorneys appreciate the impact that a claim or licensing board investigation may have on your career and your livelihood. You have worked hard to earn your license and build your reputation. We’re prepared to put our lawyers’ more than 50 years of combined legal experience to work for you to pursue a just resolution that preserves all you have worked so hard to achieve.

Get skilled West Virginia professional liability defense lawyers on your side

If you are at risk for a professional liability claim or a professional licensure claim or you have a business or insurance issue, our attorneys at McQueen Davis, PLLC can help. Our seasoned litigators have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to effectively handle your issues. Call us at 304-522-1344 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.