Collision with dump truck leads to personal injury, death

Collision with dump truck leads to personal injury, death

Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity for large trucks that traverse West Virginia roads. Companies that ignore regular upkeep and maintenance put everyone on the road at risk for serious personal injury, often for accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. A blown tire on a dump truck is believed to be responsible for a recent accident that caused at least one death.

The 36-year-old victim was driving with one passenger — her 35-year-old sister — in her vehicle at the time of the accident. While traveling along W.Va. 51, a dump truck loaded with gravel was headed in the opposite direction. One of the dump truck’s front tires collapsed, causing the driver to lose control. The vehicle crossed the center line of traffic and struck the sisters’ vehicle head on.

Tragically, the driver was pronounced dead at the accident scene. Her younger sister suffered serious injuries and had to be airlifted to the hospital for treatment. At last update she was still in critical condition. It does not appear as if the driver of the dump truck suffered any serious injuries that required hospitalization.

West Virginia police currently do not plan to file criminal charges against the dump truck driver, but they are still investigating the accident. However, criminal charges are not required when filing personal injury or wrongful death claims. Victims and their families may still seek just compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses and pain and suffering even with a lack of criminal intent from the driver believed responsible.

Source:, “Police identify victim, passenger in fatal collision on W.Va. 51“, Tim Cook, Oct. 2, 2017