Business Litigation

Even in the best-run businesses, disputes occasionally arise. Whether with business competitors, vendors, consumers or lenders, you can run into obstacles that require skilled legal counsel. At McQueen Davis, PLLC, our business litigation attorneys provide clients with seasoned representation and legal advice to resolve their issues.

At McQueen Davis, PLLC, our lawyers understand that business litigation can be expensive and, whenever possible, we take a cost-effective approach for our clients through negotiated settlements, mediation or arbitration. Sometimes writing a demand letter or simply threatening a lawsuit is adequate to resolve a dispute.

Contract disputes

A contract dispute can occur over any terms or conditions outlined in a contract, and is more likely to occur whenever a contract contains ambiguity. Other contract disputes arise when parties fail to uphold their end of the bargain, whether a breach of fiduciary duty or engaging in an unfair business practice. Contract breaches may also involve a party that fails to abide by a non-compete agreement or make payments pursuant to the contract’s terms.

Business torts, fraud, and civil conspiracy

It is not unusual for business competitors or people in business together to take advantage fraudulent or otherwise tortious conduct to get ahead in bad faith or unfairly by misrepresenting facts or otherwise lying or cheating or defaming another business in such a way that it experiences financial harm or loss as a result, in an unlawful manner.

Our attorneys have experience handling a broad spectrum of business torts that may constitute unfair competition, fraud, bad faith, or defamation, whether insurance related or not.

Commercial landlord/commercial tenant disputes

We file lawful detainers to help landlords proceed with eviction, and when tenants contest eviction and go to trial, we provide excellent representation to argue against the tenant’s grounds of defense. The contractual aspect of the landlord/tenant relationship may be in question unless the lawsuit is simply a matter of failure to pay rent on time. We handle commercial landlord/tenant disputes, whether prosecuting or defending our client in the matter.

Get a skilled West Virginia business litigation attorney on your side

It is often worth a company’s while to obtain a skilled business litigation to resolve disputes as quickly and favorably as possible. Call McQueen Davis, PLLC at 304-522-1344 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.