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West Virginia car accident results in deaths of driver, passenger

Car accidents happen every day. Most people witness such events at one point or another, and while passersby may feel a slight sense of sympathy for the individuals involved, they certainly do not experience the immense pain that can come along with the loss of a loved one from such an event. When a car accident does lead to a death, surviving family members may have many concerns.

Pedestrian hit by car suffers personal injury, later dies

College students in West Virginia and all across the country do a lot of walking across their campuses. Whether they are commuters or live on campus, there are many pedestrians walking at all hours of the day. While there are sidewalks, crosswalks and signage posted to alert drivers to those walking, personal injury is inevitable if a pedestrian is struck. Unfortunately, a young woman recently walking on her college campus died after being hit by a car.

Proposed higher speed limits could lead to more personal injury

Negligent, reckless and speeding drivers make West Virginia roads incredibly dangerous even for the safest drivers. A recent proposal from lawmakers could make things even worse. If the proposal passes, interstates and certain highways could have their maximum speed limits raised to 80 mph, increasing the risk of accidents and personal injury.

Who is at fault for a personal injury on someone's property?

A loose sidewalk pavement, a slippery floor or a low-hanging doorframe -- these might seem like insignificant flaws on a person's property, but they can actually be very dangerous. Suffering a personal injury on another person's property can have devastating consequences for the victim. Head injuries from a slip and fall, fractures from faulty walkways and more may require just compensation for victims to fully recover. Part of the process of recovering legal recourse is determining exactly who is at fault.

18-wheelers likely to cause personal injury in accidents

Large tractor trailers are seemingly permanent fixtures on West Virginia interstates and highways. These large vehicles can be quite intimidating, and many drivers are familiar with the frightening sensation of one of these trucks passing by. However, this fear is not irrational, as 18-wheelers can cause serious personal injury and even death.

Malfunctioning brakes cause wreck, personal injury

Tractor-trailer companies must provide necessary maintenance to their vehicles. Failing to do so puts everyone on West Virginia roads at risk for serious personal injury. Police believe that faulty brakes contributed to a devastating tractor-trailer accident in which 11 people were injured.

Collision with dump truck leads to personal injury, death

Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity for large trucks that traverse West Virginia roads. Companies that ignore regular upkeep and maintenance put everyone on the road at risk for serious personal injury, often for accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. A blown tire on a dump truck is believed to be responsible for a recent accident that caused at least one death.

Personal injury claims for trucking accidents need special help

Large tractor-trailers are a necessary part of our consumer society. Whether transporting refrigerated food products or reusable merchandise, it is hard to imagine what West Virginia roads might look like without these vehicles. Important as they may be, tractor-trailers also pose serious danger and are sometimes the cause of personal injury in devastating accidents.

The post-accident recovery: what to do and how to act

No one wants to be in a car accident, but this also isn’t necessarily a choice that we get to make all of the time. Sometimes, when we are out on the road, the choice is unfortunately made for us. Another driver is negligent and we suddenly become entangled in a car crash. It doesn’t matter how safe you may be – sometimes there are just negligent drivers out there that will crash into you.

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