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Over 1,000 workers affected by restaurant chain wage theft

When workers feel that they have not been properly compensated for the work they perform, they may wonder what to do about the issue. In some cases, employees may not even be aware that there is an issue because they take the work of their employers. Unfortunately, wage theft is an issue that affects numerous workers, including those in West Virginia, and some parties may need to take legal action to seek compensation.

Employment law: FMLA violations may warrant lawsuits

Facing a serious medical condition or having a suffering loved one can make any West Virginia resident feel immense stress. On top of the health-related worries, individuals may also worry that they could face job-related repercussions if they miss too much work. Fortunately, the Family and Medical Leave Act is a form of employment law that helps protect individuals in such situations.

Employment law experts offer views on workplace sexual harassment

Sexual harassment has been a trending topic in recent weeks in West Virginia and all around the country. A financial planning website recently surveyed employees across a variety of industries for their thoughts on harassment in the workplace. The findings are of great interest to those concerned with employment law issues.

Pregnancy discrimination should not be tolerated in the workplace

Being a woman in a male-dominated profession can be difficult for many reasons. Unfortunately, discrimination is a real issue that many women face on the job, and when they are expecting a child, they may even be treated negatively for their pregnancies. If this is the case, individuals in this type of predicament may have reason to take legal action.

Employment law experts note different types of harassment

A topic on many people's minds lately in West Virginia and all across the country has been harassment in the workplace. Employment law experts have noted that no business is immune, whether the harassment occurs within the entertainment industry, government agencies or manufacturing facilities. Though certainly not a new problem, open discussion about the issue is becoming more widespread.

Woman files discrimination lawsuit against former employer

According to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost 18 percent of the workforce in West Virginia and all around the country has a disability of some type. Companies are required to make reasonable accommodations to allow disabled employees to continue to work on their jobs. However, an employee has recently filed a discrimination lawsuit against her former employer, a yogurt manufacturing plant, stating it was due to her physical condition.

Employment law: The Pregnancy Discrimination Act turns 40

The Pregnancy Discrimination Act has been in effect for 40 years. The Act provided protection to childbearing women in West Virginia and all across the nation against discrimination on the basis of their pregnancies. An employment law expert from the Women's Rights Project of the ACLU recently discussed the influences the Act has had on the workforce over the past four decades.

How one country's law may reduce wage discrimination

Recent headlines have highlighted the fact that women in West Virginia and elsewhere around the country are paid less than men doing the exact same job. In fact, reports show that wage discrimination is prevalent in the workplace, with women typically earning around 20 percent less than their male counterparts. According to the World Economic Forum, our nation is not alone in this practice. While women in every country are reportedly paid less than men, one country has established a law to combat this trend.

Employment law issues: Push for paid FMLA leave

Prior to 1993, when employees in West Virginia and elsewhere around the country gave birth, their companies were not required to keep their jobs open until they returned. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act, passed in 1978, provided some protection in hiring and firing practices, according to employment law experts. However, protection of an employee's job while being on maternity leave or dealing with other medical conditions was not provided until the Family and Medical Leave Act was passed.

Understand the terms used in wage discrimination discussions

There have been numerous examples cited in the news about the so-called gender wage gap, where women make less money in their jobs than men. This wage discrimination can occur in any West Virginia company, regardless of its size or industry. A financial website has identified and defined several terms frequently used in the ongoing discussion of the wage gap.

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