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Understand the terms used in wage discrimination discussions

There have been numerous examples cited in the news about the so-called gender wage gap, where women make less money in their jobs than men. This wage discrimination can occur in any West Virginia company, regardless of its size or industry. A financial website has identified and defined several terms frequently used in the ongoing discussion of the wage gap.

Proposed higher speed limits could lead to more personal injury

Negligent, reckless and speeding drivers make West Virginia roads incredibly dangerous even for the safest drivers. A recent proposal from lawmakers could make things even worse. If the proposal passes, interstates and certain highways could have their maximum speed limits raised to 80 mph, increasing the risk of accidents and personal injury.

Bad faith insurance suits could help get your claim covered

Insurance is essential to protecting your person, property, health and more, and is truly a necessity for modern life. But what happens when insurance companies fail to hold up their end of the bargain? Many people in West Virginia feel alone and lost when their insurance providers wrongly deny their claims. Bad faith insurance claims are one of the best avenues for seeking just compensation.

Former pre-school teacher accuses Google of gender discrimination

Early childhood educators in West Virginia help shape the minds of young children, giving them the strongest possible foundation for future learning experiences. While teaching is not exactly known for being a well-paid profession, former female Google employees claim that the tech giant paid them less than their male counterparts. One teacher recently joined a discrimination suit against the company, which is hardly the first claim of gender discrimination it has faced.

Who is at fault for a personal injury on someone's property?

A loose sidewalk pavement, a slippery floor or a low-hanging doorframe -- these might seem like insignificant flaws on a person's property, but they can actually be very dangerous. Suffering a personal injury on another person's property can have devastating consequences for the victim. Head injuries from a slip and fall, fractures from faulty walkways and more may require just compensation for victims to fully recover. Part of the process of recovering legal recourse is determining exactly who is at fault.

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