Office of Compliance paid $17 million for discrimination claims

The federal government is often looked to for guidance regarding a wide array of matters, including how to treat employees. While both federal and West Virginia state laws strictly prohibit workplace discrimination based on a number of factors -- such as gender, disability and race -- this type of unacceptable behavior is rampant across many work places. This includes the highest level of the government.

Recently released figures from the Office of Compliance -- a federal agency tasked with handling workplace-related complaints -- show just how problematic the issue is, even in the federal government. Over two decades, this office paid over $17 million for claims and settlements regarding workplace discrimination and harassment. Between 2008 and 2012, the Office of Compliance had to pay eight sexual harassment settlements.

That five-year period was also problematic for more than just sexual harassment and gender discrimination. During that time, the Office of Compliance paid 15 settlements for work-related claims for workers employed in offices of various House members. Those settlements totaled $342,225.

Although this information comes from a push for more financial transparency in government, it helped shine a light on a real and ongoing problem that workers in West Virginia and across the rest of the United States face. Discrimination has no place in the employer-worker relationship, and victims often miss out on valuable employment opportunities that affect their earning potential and ability to move forward in their careers. While this can leave many feeling hopeless, many victims who successfully pursue discrimination claims against former employers can achieve necessary and just compensation.

Source: CNN, "Congress releases some specific numbers on settlements for sexual harassment, discrimination", Juana Summers, Dec. 19, 2017

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