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Trucking companies do not need to test for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a serious sleeping disorder in which a person's breathing becomes interrupted periodically throughout the night, which prevents the person from getting a full night's sleep, and he or she is more likely to suffer from fatigue. This increases the risk of an accident if that person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle. Earlier in 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Federal Railroad Administration refused to pursue regulations that would have required trucking company employers to test drivers for sleep apnea. 

Office of Compliance paid $17 million for discrimination claims

The federal government is often looked to for guidance regarding a wide array of matters, including how to treat employees. While both federal and West Virginia state laws strictly prohibit workplace discrimination based on a number of factors -- such as gender, disability and race -- this type of unacceptable behavior is rampant across many work places. This includes the highest level of the government.

Discrimination survey finds many women still paid less than men

Despite improvements in West Virginia employment law, women still deal with unfair treatment in the workplace. A study from the Pew Research Center interviewed thousands of employed men and women, asking them about discrimination they had experienced while on the job. It concluded that women face approximately eight types of gender-specific discrimination at work.

Former cafeteria worker wins discrimination suit

Many West Virginia employees avoid filing work-related complaints with their employers out of fear of retaliation. Although illegal, workplace discrimination is still an ongoing issue. Unfortunately, those who make valid complaints are often hit the hardest, facing incidents of harassment, discrimination and even wrongful termination.

18-wheelers likely to cause personal injury in accidents

Large tractor trailers are seemingly permanent fixtures on West Virginia interstates and highways. These large vehicles can be quite intimidating, and many drivers are familiar with the frightening sensation of one of these trucks passing by. However, this fear is not irrational, as 18-wheelers can cause serious personal injury and even death.

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