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False marijuana claim could constitute bad faith insurance

Insurance companies are supposed to provide protection during and after difficult events. Whether a car accident causes severe damage or a fire destroys a home, people in West Virginia rely on these companies to take care of their needs. When an insurance company fails to provide its obligated coverage or acts in a manner that might fall outside of its policies, it might be considered a bad faith insurance situation.

Malfunctioning brakes cause wreck, personal injury

Tractor-trailer companies must provide necessary maintenance to their vehicles. Failing to do so puts everyone on West Virginia roads at risk for serious personal injury. Police believe that faulty brakes contributed to a devastating tractor-trailer accident in which 11 people were injured.

Do you know what to do if you've been sexually harassed at work?

"Hey, baby, give me a smile." In some situations, that line might be welcome as well-intended encouragement. If it comes from an unwanted source at work, it could be considered sexual harassment. Inappropriate invitations and gifts or incessant hounding to go on a date, even after you've repeatedly said no, could also be harassment.

Defense agency agreed discrimination happened, denied cause

Virtually all working parents in West Virginia contend with the same, overwhelming issue -- child care. Finding appropriate and affordable child care can be incredibly difficult, but one out-of-state woman thought she found a possible solution when she requested to telecommute once a week. Now, her discrimination lawsuit against the Defense Security Service is advancing in a federal court.

Discrimination against attractive people? Science says it happens

Past research has often indicated that physically attractive job candidates in West Virginia are more likely to be selected during the hiring process. However, a new study claims that those findings are not entirely accurate. While those who are considered traditionally attractive might have an easier time finding higher-level jobs, they might also face discrimination when seeking lower-paying positions.

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