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Insurer refused your claim? It could be bad faith insurance

An accident results in injuries that must be compensated. An illness hospitalizes a person and the bills quickly begin to pour in. A disaster strikes West Virginia and causes damage to homes. Policy holders expect their insurance companies to reasonably cover costs and damages protected by their insurance, but many people are left frustrated when companies refuse to pay out. Unfortunately, many people are under the impression that what the insurance company says goes, and are unaware of the concept of bad faith insurance.

Despite employment law, workplace harassment continues

Virtually everyone wants to feel safe in their place of employment. A safe work environment, free from unwanted attention and physical contact from others, is essential for the well-being and health of all workers in West Virginia. Unfortunately, recent national issues revealed that many women still face harassment in the workplace, even though they are protected from such action under employment law.

Women claim discrimination in company's hiring practices

Most people in West Virginia agree that job applicants should be measured by their accomplishments and qualifications, but this is sadly not always the case. Many employers still engage in discriminatory hiring practices. This type of ongoing discrimination violates employment law and the rights of job applicants.

Collision with dump truck leads to personal injury, death

Regular maintenance is an absolute necessity for large trucks that traverse West Virginia roads. Companies that ignore regular upkeep and maintenance put everyone on the road at risk for serious personal injury, often for accidents that could have otherwise been avoided. A blown tire on a dump truck is believed to be responsible for a recent accident that caused at least one death.

Personal injury claims for trucking accidents need special help

Large tractor-trailers are a necessary part of our consumer society. Whether transporting refrigerated food products or reusable merchandise, it is hard to imagine what West Virginia roads might look like without these vehicles. Important as they may be, tractor-trailers also pose serious danger and are sometimes the cause of personal injury in devastating accidents.

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