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Discrimination: Woman fired during maternity leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act has helped West Virginia women have peace of mind to choose to have children and continue with a career. Even though they may not necessarily be paid for their leave, the federal laws allow women to remain at home after giving birth according to doctor's instructions. One woman in another state recently settled a discrimination complaint against her former employer for $60,000 after she was fired during maternity leave.

If managers know about discrimination, what should they do?

The law protects workers from certain kinds of discrimination. For example, a West Virginia boss would be breaking the law to treat someone differently based on race, disability or religion. Often employees endure unacceptable treatment from managers and other co-workers simply because of their sex. When employers notice this type of discrimination, do they have an obligation to deal with it?

The post-accident recovery: what to do and how to act

No one wants to be in a car accident, but this also isn’t necessarily a choice that we get to make all of the time. Sometimes, when we are out on the road, the choice is unfortunately made for us. Another driver is negligent and we suddenly become entangled in a car crash. It doesn’t matter how safe you may be – sometimes there are just negligent drivers out there that will crash into you.

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