Insurance Law

Skilled negotiation and trial representation for plaintiffs

At the Huntington law firm of McQueen Davis, PLLC, we prosecute insurance disputes on behalf of policyholders. Given their 50-plus years of combined experience in insurance litigation, our lawyers understand that the success of your case rests on our preparation, experience and in-depth knowledge of West Virginia insurance law and industry standards. We provide compassionate counsel, zealous advocacy and skilled courtroom representation.

Our experienced trial lawyers protect your interests in first-party claims

A first-party claim is one that a policyholder makes against the policy's underwriter. Insurance questions often arise when parties disagree on whether the policy actually covers the claimed losses and the assessed value of those losses. Dissatisfied policyholders may feel they have grounds for legal action based on unfair claims handling or bad faith. Our legal team at McQueen Davis, PLLC represents policyholders in coverage disputes, bad faith claims and cases alleging unfair practices involving:

Capable management of third-party claim litigation in West Virginia

Third-party claims arise when an injured party seeks compensation for losses from the insurer of an allegedly negligent person or business entity. Our firm handles third-party insurance claims involving:

  • Accidents — We represent injured plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits following automobile and large truck accident cases, premises liability (slip-and-fall) accidents and products liability accidents.
  • Deliberate intent employee injuries — We represent employees who suffer job-related injuries who have a limited remedy through West Virginia's workers' compensation program and can demonstrate the employer meant to harm them.
  • Employment practices — We litigate cases of alleged employment violations, including wrongful termination and discrimination, on behalf of employees against employers or their insurers.
  • Director and officer claims — We represent plaintiffs against defendant insurers in actions to hold key company personnel accountable in liability lawsuits.

Our West Virginia lawyers provide strategic legal counseling through every aspect of your case, and we strive to protect your interests by resolving your case efficiently and cost effectively. We keep you informed at all times and provide our services according to your needs and goals.

Get our skilled West Virginia insurance law attorneys on your side

Our insurance attorneys have extensive experience protecting the interests of policyholders and claimants in either first- or third-party litigation. Protect yourself or your company from unnecessary losses. Call our legal team at McQueen Davis, PLLC at 304-840-0035 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.