Wrongful And/Or Constructive Discharge

Although many employment contracts in West Virginia are "at will," meaning they can be terminated at any time and for almost any reason, there are a few situations in which a termination or discharge is illegal. If you were fired for discrimination or retaliation, or forced out because of an intolerable work environment, it is important to speak with an attorney about your rights as an employee.

At McQueen Davis PLLC in Huntington, we take a unique approach to handling serious employment issues. We put our clients' needs first by providing comprehensive and realistic legal advice. Our top priority is always to protect your rights as an employee. We will help you understand your legal matter and find the best way to resolve it.

Understanding Wrongful Termination And Constructive Discharge

When an employee is fired because of discrimination — such as age, race, pregnancy or gender — or retaliation, it is considered wrongful termination. When an employee leaves a job because his or her employer made the work environment so intolerable that a reasonable person would be forced to resign, it is considered constructive discharge.

Both of these situations are actionable in West Virginia. Our lawyers will carefully assess your situation to determine the right approach for you. As we build a case, we will keep you informed throughout the process so you feel empowered to participate in important decisions that must be made.

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