Huntington Lawyers Handling Complex Employment Law Matters

In today's world, a job is something that many people are fortunate to have. Most importantly, a job provides financial security for you and your family. However, situations can arise that put your job at risk. If you have been passed over for promotions unfairly, mistreated by your employer, or fired from your job wrongfully, you may want to consider taking legal action.

At McQueen Davis PLLC, in Huntington, West Virginia, our attorneys know how stressful it is to deal with an employment law matter. We have the decades of litigation experience that it takes to handle these matters effectively and efficiently.

Protecting Your Rights With Honest, Realistic Advice

When you are going through an important employment issue, it is important that your attorney be sensitive to your needs and what is best for you. Our lawyers are constantly communicating with our clients, so you can make informed decisions throughout the process. We handle several employment law matters, including:

  • Payment issues: If your employer failed to pay overtime, failed to pay your regular wages, or failed to pay your last paycheck after you left or were terminated from a job, it is important to talk to an attorney.
  • Defamation issues: When an employer, an insurance adjuster or workers' compensation administrator makes a defamatory statement about you, it can harm your future opportunities.
  • Discrimination: Experiencing discrimination in the workplace, whether because of age, race, gender or a decision to take FMLA leave is not only unfair, it is illegal. Our attorneys can help you put an end to it.
  • Sexual harassment: Being harassed by a co-worker or supervisor is a threatening situation that can easily create a hostile work environment. We believe that everyone should feel safe at work.
  • Whistleblower protection: It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against you for whistleblowing. If you were fired, demoted or otherwise mistreated, we can help.
  • Wrongful discharge: An individual can be fired from a job for nearly any reason. However, when an individual is fired because of discrimination or out of retaliation, it is illegal and considered wrongful termination.

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